About Us

Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Pismo Beach offers a large variety of seafood restaurants. However, if you’re looking for a great seafood restaurant in Pismo Beach, but don’t want to break the bank, then look no further. Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant is the place to go, offering casual dining where the staff treats you like family and the food is delicious but reasonably priced. You can tell great seafood by how the locals treat that seafood restaurant. Quarterdeck Restaurant is locally renowned for the best seafood platter in the area - bar none. Every piece is tender and moist and melts in your mouth. The rest of the menu items are just as fresh. Also known for a tropical atmosphere and an award-winning bar, the Quarterdeck Seafood restaurant is sure to bring you back time and time again. Step into the tropics and experience fresh Pismo Beach seafood!

Welcome to The Quarterdeck Restaurant in Arroyo Grande!

For over 30 years The Quarterdeck has been known throughout the Central Coast and beyond for great food, cocktails, service and atmosphere. Originally started by two brothers (Larry and Ray Peterman) on the corner of Grand Avenue and Oak park, in Arroyo Grande, the tiny building was know for having a line around it with people waiting to sample the awesome food inside. In the late 80’s the brothers went on to open a candy store and another restaurant and the famous Quarterdeck closed for a number of years. In 1975 Tim and Cyndy Jones moved to the Central Coast from Newport Beach. Cyndy started working at a little cafe in the Village of Arroyo Grande and in the summers she would work nights at The Quarterdeck to give them extra help needed during the busy summers. When the Quarterdeck closed Cyndy became general manager of International House of Pancakes in Arroyo Grande where she learned the in's and out's of restaurant business.

After 5 years she crossed paths with Ray Peterman again and went to work at his restaurant in Pismo Beach, eventually becoming his bar manager. There she met her future business partner Ann Griffith. After many years of being closed The Quarterdeck was resurrected again in 1995 with the help of Ray Peterman under the ownership of Cyndy Jones and Ann Griffith. Eight years later Cyndy Jones bought out Ann Griffith and her and her husband Tim became the sole owners. Tim now retired from Cal Poly University keeps the restaurant looking pristine while Cyndy and her daughter Trisha Raetz (general manager) take pride in seeing that your food and service are always the best. On behalf of our entire staff, and the Jones family we thank you for joining our family at The Quarterdeck and hope you have a pleasurable dining experience with us.